About Us

As a division of Old World Millworks, Timberline Custom Doors is a key manufacturer of custom doors in the Midwest.  Our proven record of quality, precision and customer service resonates with those that value true craftsmanship.

 Although the name is new, Timberline Custom Doors has been a division of Old World Millworks for several years and shares the same legacy of precision and customer service that began at Old World in 1984.  Our skilled craftsmen build each door one at a time, in all shapes and sizes including interior, exterior and certified fire doors.  We offer our doors in dozens of species with options to fit any style of home or office whether traditional, contemporary or something in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Timberline Custom Doors?

Timberline Custom Doors are sold through a network of independent dealers. Click HERE to request information about dealers in your area.

What is the warranty on Timberline Custom Doors?

We warranty our doors for a period of one year, beginning on the date of delivery or pick up.  Click HERE to view our complete Warranty (PDF)

What type of Fire Doors do you offer?

Timberline offers fire doors in 20, 40, 60, and 90 minute ratings to comply with any possible building code.

What kind of doors do you keep in stock?

We build doors to the customer’s specifications, so we don’t mass-produce doors like other companies. Our goal is to create beautiful custom doors that fit perfectly, unlike a lot of the “in stock” doors available elsewhere.

How long does it take to have a new door made?

It depends on the size of the order. For a single door, our production time is about currently about 10 weeks. Larger orders will take longer.

Can I buy doors direct from Timberline Custom Doors?

We occasionally sell doors direct to homeowners when there isn’t an established dealer in their area. We prefer to sell through a dealer, as they offer homeowners support such as installers, related products, etc. Let us know where you are at and we’ll be happy to help you one way or another!

Click HERE to request information about dealers in your area.

Do you measure for new doors?

We quote and build doors based on measurements and descriptions that are supplied by builders, contractors or homeowners. We don’t do on-site measurements or take-offs from blueprints.